Kartoon Knuggets
Single-Panel Cartoons Illustrating God's Word                                                                    by Dr. Troy Knechtel

Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on thy own understanding. In all thy ways acknoledge Him, and He will direct your path"  Proverbs 3:5,6

About Me

For years I thought that my niche in service to our Lord was going to be in basketball. It had to be because I was 6'10" tall and had a fine career playing that wonderful sport at Westmont College and then overseas. However, due to knee injuries I had to stop.

I then was absolutely sure that my service to the Lord would be as a youth pastor. Having spent my college years and the time in-between basketball seasons working in youth departments in local churches, it seemed a natural fit. However, after marrying "my girl" and having our first child on the way, and therefore needing more than a part time youth worker job, the Lord opened the door for me to use my business degree and enter the world of retail management.

After a brief three year stint in retail management, the Lord opened yet another door for me to enter the wonderful world of education. I began teaching and coaching in 1990. Finally, I found my niche. Surely this is what God had in store for me. However, while the years spent serving the Lord in public schools as high school math teacher, coach, and middle school math teacher had afforded me many opportunities to share the Love of God to many that I served, it was not until I accepted the challenge of a friend to draw Christian cartoons that I believe my niche, my ministry for Christ, was found.

From 1999 through 2003, I spent my days teaching and my evenings drawing Kartoon Knuggets. This provided me hours of focusing on the message of God's Word and gave me a worldwide audience through an email list that seemed to be growing daily. However, as I accepted the opportortunity to move into school administration and then earn my doctoral degree in Educational Leadership, the changes in duties as well as several technical glitches hindered my cartooning for several years.

With the Lord quietly challenging me to pick it up again, I prayed earnestly for the Him to clear the way for me to get back into cartooning for Him. He answered that prayer and I am back up and drawing for His glory again.

I pray the cartoons are as much of a blessing for you to read as they were for me to draw. If you would like to receive the toons and a short devotional that explains the meaning of the toons in your email inbox, simply click on the "Contact Me" button and share your email address with me. I will sign you up!

And, as always, may God receive all the praise.